Since 2017, Verichains has been a pioneer and leading blockchain security firm in APAC, with extensive expertise in security, cryptography and core blockchain technology. More than 200 clients trust us with $50 billion assets under protection, including several high-profile clients such as BNB Chain, Klaytn, Wemix, Line Corp, Axie Infinity, Ronin Network, and Kyber Network.

With the in-depth research and development of blockchain technology, Verichains provides blockchain security services such as blockchain protocol and smart contract security audit, mobile application protection, key management solution, on-chain risk monitoring, and red team/penetration testing services.

Our world-class security team has found several vulnerabilities in layer-1 protocol, bridge, and smart contracts in the last five years. We are also proud to be the firm that helped to investigate and fix security issues in the two largest global crypto hacks: BNB Bridge (Binance) and Ronin Bridge (Sky Mavis).


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Leading web3 security firm in APAC. Trusted by top blockchain customers such as BNBChain (Binance), Klaytn (Kakao Talk), Wemix (Wemade), Solana, Axie Infinity/Ronin Network (Sky Mavis)


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